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Machine software built right

Our Services

Motion Control

Elevate your manufacturing game or R&D initiative with our state-of-the-art motion control software. Our team will write custom PLC code for your entire motion control solution and provide a working simulation for your equipment. These are the motion control services we offer: 


Cartesian manipulators


Servo or stepper controlled

Custom Robot Kinematics

Serial and parallel manipulators

Servo Drives

Beckhoff, Festo, Kolmorgen, Yaskawa

6-Axis Robots

Fanuc, Kuka, ABB

Variable Frequency Drives

VFD controls

Real Time Controls

Sophisticated real time controls tools for challenging applications.

PID Controller

Design and tuning

Smith Predictor

Long transport delays

Fuzzy Controller

When math is not enough

Full State Feedback Control

Pole placement

System Identification

Offline and online


Loop shaping

Adaptive Control

Gain scheduling

Model Predictive Control

Model based control

Sensor Fusion

State estimation

Machine Vision

With years of experience and the latest technology at our fingertips, we're confident in our ability to deliver the ultimate solution for your automation needs.

Yolo v7

Object detection

Barcode Scanning and OCR

Reading data

Optical Flow

Object Tracking

3D Vision

Stereo vision

Pick and Place Vision

Robot positioning 

Image Processing

Denoising, feature enhancement


Revolutionize your workflow with our digital twin pipeline. Simulate complex processes, interface in real-time, and test machine code — all without physical hardware. Discover the power of simulation today.


Process modeling

HIL Simulation

Physical models to simulate a process


PLC controlled digital twin

Data Acquisition

We can help you collect the data you want, and send it where you want. Integration with popular third party applications. With flexible protocols such as ADS, OPC UA, or MQTT, chances are if you have software for data collection and analysis, we can integrate with it.

Database Integration

Sql and NoSql





Cloud services


We work with different HMI software platforms to put machine control at your fingertips. System control, data dashboards, alarm and message loggers .. we can do it all.


Indusoft Web Studio

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

TwinCAT is very flexible, allowing for easy interaction with third party applications to create extremely capable systems. We leverage Beckhoff's ADS (Automation Device Specification) and other standard protocols (MQTT, OPC UA) in order to facilitate reliable integration into your existing ecosystem.

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